Established in November 2003, Dionglay’s House of flowers has been providing blooming florist services and flower delivery for more than 5 years now. We offer colorful, well-thought-out creations that showcase our fresh flowers.

Dionglay’s house of flowers is expressive in making memorable and quality products. We are pioneers in making the perfect floral arrangements for every occasion and sentiment.

We design our flowers with our expert and creative hands and mind. Our expansive variety of flowers provides us with the ability to create flower arrangements like fashionable classic floral bouquets. We cater to all occasions, all people in need of a flower arrangement that does not sacrifice beauty for competitive pricing. Our aim here at Dionglay’s house of flowers is to provide you with real convenience, assortment, quality and affordability in every flower delivery we do.

Dionlay’s house of flower staff is warm, friendly and social when dealing with our customers. We create a relationship with our customers to know their moods and be able to give what they want or need. We connect our flowers with their emotions to be able to express their emotions.

Our products confer sensory appeal to our clients, especially to their hearts. We attract not by just the beauty of our flowers, but also through their feelings. We assure the best service we can offer.

Our main goal is to be the main provider of quality flower products and services. We aim to provide flowers in the market not just locally but internationally as well. We are optimistic about achieving this goal.

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